I rarely go completely off grid as I travel, but I do utilize the campervan’s water tank to carry up to 11 gallons of potable water for cooking, washing, and drinking. To refill the tank I typically look for free water sources, such as a friend’s house, city park, RV dump station, or any available spigot that I don’t think will get me arrested if I borrow it for a few minutes.

Many folks would prefer to have filtered water to drink, but tap water never seems to bother me. Besides, any chance I get to drink directly from a mountain spring I do, so imbibing less than stellar water while driving my van isn’t that big of a deal.

Below is a quick video I made in Page, Arizona when I refilled my water tank at a city RV dump station.


  1. Good info Chris. How much would filling up typically cost if you could not find a free tap, and how much do you estimate this saves you per month?

    • Hey! It’s not too expensive, I’ve refilled the van with gallon jugs of filtered water from the grocery store a few times. It probably only saves $10 to $15 a month, but that’s a few cold brews or a couple gallons of gas instead of water!

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