Articles by: Chris 'Tarzan' Clemens

Summer Down Under

With winter blanketing North America I coped with the cold the best way I could, by flying to the Southern Hemisphere. After shivering through most of my trip to Vietnam I was happy to feel the sun on my skin when I landed in Perth, Australia. My friend Ryan (not […]

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Motorbiking Vietnam & Myanmar

River Trip 2017 was gonna be epic! We researched locations and picked the Red River through Vietnam from China to the South China Sea. We booked flights and purchased “Do It Yourself” inflatable pack raft kits to build our own boats. Unfortunately, after countless hours and multiple tubes of seam […]

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Western Ramblin’

The summer kicked off with Born To Run and was quickly followed by Race Across America. I enjoyed both, but was looking forward to hitting the open road with less structure and responsibility. I jumped in Tantor and headed east from the Pacific Coast, through Arizona and on to Taos, […]

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