Crewing Through Hell

“What are you doing in July?” That’s how it all started. A simple question, a few quick words that lead to crewing the Badwater 146, sweat evaporating out my pores in 129 degree heat, driving 3 days through the desert with no air conditioning, and cuddling with three other guys […]

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Solemates’ CYA 2014

Cool Your Ass. No…wait! That’s not me telling you to get out of here! Stay…read on! Cool Your Ass is actually a new race hosted by Solemates’ Mark and Sharill Hellenthal in Prescott, Arizona. Cool Your Ass is a cornucopia of ultra races, all contained inside Pioneer Park. You have […]

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Pacing States

Western States Endurance Run…one of the epic events in ultrarunning and a mere 8 hour drive from Santa Barbara, yet, I’ve never attended. Until this year. Do you remember growing up as a kid, watching the World Series or the Super Bowl and imagining yourself there, in a uniform, making […]

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