I woke up sweating in a truck stop gas station just a mile north of the state line. The overnight temperatures hovered near 80, meaning I had a warm balmy night trying to sleep in the van. Yup, welcome to Florida. I awoke before sunrise to take Tantor to a […]

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My first stop in Georgia was Hiawassee to see Jim and Maggie, our first “Trail Angels” on the Appalachian Trail in 2012. They had met us the day that we started our Thru-Hike and told us to call them when we reached Hiawassee. It took them 1 hour to drive […]

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VanLife Shower

I often get asked how I shower while living in a van. The best way to answer is to show you. Don’t worry, the video below is PG.   #VanLife Shower Showering while living in a van isn’t really that difficult. Yes, it’s a little different than when I was […]

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