Appalachian Trail

Hello Vermont!

June 22.  Today was a trail Friday, and I was pumped!  Trying to sleep through the night was like trying to sleep through December 24th when you were a kid.  I kept waking up and checking my watch…finally at 4:45 I just got up and started packing my gear.  I […]

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The AT Zoo

June 14.  Woke up in my tent.  Unfortunatley I had set it up on uneven ground and I was sliding down the hill all night.  I was pretty tired still but figured it was light out and time to get moving.  I packed up and hit the trail by 6:30.  […]

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Hello New York!

June 12.  Happy Birthday to my wife Amy!  I woke up in my tent this morning in the back lawn of the local tavern…guess there is a first time for everything!  The tent spot was free, which was nice, but the thing about sleeping behind a tavern is that it […]

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